Bangaram Island Beach Resort

The Jewel of the Lakshadweep, Bangaram Island is an uninhabited haven. Here, the only residents are the resort staff. Bangaram presents a breathtaking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms. All preserved in the state little different from the days of Charam Perumal's reign.

Bangaram Island Resort caters to high-end international tourists. The accommodation is simple though comfortable, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Seafood is abundant, and fish and coconut are used to create the sublime South Indian specialties.

This 60-bed resort is well equipped with Water sports equipments and activities on offer include kayaking, catamarans, deep sea fishing and of course there is access to some world class Diving on untouched reefs which to be unparalleled.


Due to litigation, Bangaram resort is not functional. Please read report

Doing a Hemingway

For deep sea big game fishing, Bangaram is an ideal location. Record size Barracuda, Sailfish, Yellowfin, Travelly and Wahoo have often been landed. Local boats are available here for rent with experienced crew. Serious anglers are advised to bring their own equipment.

Ayurveda in Harmony

With such peace and natural beauty surrounding you, Bangaram Island is the ideal place to try an ayurvedic treatment, or even just a relaxing massage. Ayurveda is the Indian system of traditional medicine, and it's a great way to treat niggling, chronic health problems. The resort, like all CGH Earth properties, has fully equipped ayurvedic facilities.

Back to Basics

Accommodation on the island is simple, unpretentious, yet comfortable. Set in 128 acres, there are 30 tiled -roof beach huts, each with its own palm-thatched verandah, en suite bathroom, ceiling fan and fridge. In a bit to preserve Bangaram's unique environment, a hotel atmosphere is avoided intentionally, but there are enough creature comforts to ensure your stay is an enjoyable one.

There are also four bungalows, which are bigger and offer more privacy. At the heart of the resort is the restaurant hut. It's a little architectural marvel, being made entirely out of bamboo and palm fronds, around one tall central pole.

Salt, Spray and Subtle Flavours

Coconut and fish are abundantly available on the island. So naturally, no meal would be complete without a selection of the day's catch. The cuisine styles are international and the menu also offers a selection from the coast of India and local island recipes.


There is also a well stocked bar right off the beach, available for the guests. Not that the magic of the enchanted isles needs any additional uplift! The beach bar open for most of the day, serving a reasonably wide range of spirits, wine and beer.

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